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About Te Rerenga Ki Tai


The ‘Te Rerenga ki Tai’ Māori Dimensions Program offers schools and all education institutes a strong medium to meet the needs of The Ministry of Education’s Māori Education Strategy 'Ka Hikitia.'. Based in Whanganui, we use the program as a vehicle to help schools and their staff with the integration of Māori concepts and practises in to the classroom and in to the school's community. We support a growing relationship with Mainstream Education service providers, stipulating clarity and distinction between the aspirations and knowledge of local Iwi within the structure of the current Ministry of Education’s Māori Curriculum 'He Reo Tupu He Reo Ora.'

Together with local resources and local networks we weave together a sound foundation for the continued growth of Māori educational success as Māori, a catalyst for developing positive learning outcomes. The program's intended outcome is to see the development and growth of competent, culturally aware and succeeding learners' ranging from students, staff, parents, whānau and the wider community to engage in an educational approach that drives its practises to ignite, nurture and inspire increased positive learning outcomes for our up and coming leaders of tommorow.