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About Our Team


Annual involvement in the ‘Tira Hoe Waka’ (annual iwi pilgrimage from Taumarunui to Whanganui via waka) saw the growth and inspiration of the Ki Tai team since we were children. Children who were fully immersed in the teachings of our Mātua (elders) and Rangatira (leaders) since the days we stepped foot in this world. The ‘Tira Hoe Waka’ giving inspiration to our people since 1989, and still continuing to provide the rejuvination of spirits for our people to this day. As we made our way up through the ranks of the ‘Tira’ with constant support from our Mātua we were shaped in to becoming ambassadors for our people, role models who truly believe in the concept of Whanganuitanga, born and bred in the teachings of our region.

These teachings inspired us to make our lives a ‘Tira.’ To pursue forwards in the future holding strongly our tīkanga, holding strongly our culture to support us and our journey forwards. Journeys beyond the horizon, in the wake our past. Hence the desire to establish our very own Whanganui River Operating business founded upon these teachings. Teachings we believe are vital to every single person who steps foot in to this beautiful region of ours.