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About BA Productions

“Tāhuna anō ai te mura ahi ā Rehia”
Ignite the vibrant connection between Māori Arts and the World


BA Productions draws inspiration from the Whanganui Tribal landscape, enriched by its unique stories of yesteryear, thriving on the spiritual essence of the great Whanganui River. Our river embraces a powerful set of life metaphors that drive our work to imitate the spirited energy of the fantail, the dawn chorus of the river birds and the graceful flight of the white heron. The shimmering, gleaming dew trickling down from the fern fronds, the dancing water droplets from the high cliffs of the riverbanks and the surging currents of mighty rapids all lend voice to our inspiration. It is these metaphors amid the unique stories of our region that weave together diverse strands of knowledge and experience setting the foundation blocks for our team, igniting the energy within us to pursue work bound by heritage and culture, reflective of the great significance of our region.

We encourage people to reach within themselves and summon forth the mischievous energy to ignite the body and mind to convey diverse stories of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Humility, self-confidence and a gentle pride aid a disciplined approach to our work. We deliberately use our work to help bridge an enthusiasm for Māori culture and its integration in to education, targeting other curriculum areas of learning by bringing those aspects to our work and extending our work to support all other areas.

In alignment with the Māori Education Strategy ‘Ka Hikitia’ and the supporting document ‘Tātaiako’ we believe we offer a vibrant medium for students, parents, whānau, teachers and schools to engage in self-learning, school learning and community learning.