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Our Staff

Merenia Nepia – Productions Facilitator

I’m a proud graduate of Te Kura o Kokohuia and thanks to my schooling, family support and peer support I am now confident and proud to be a facilitator of the Te Rerenga ki Tai Māori Dimensions Program. We were taught throughout our school lives and family lives that we have a duty as Māori to uphold and pass on the traditions of our ancestors through generations and generations. Having this drilled in to us it was only inevitable that no matter where I’d be, it would, in some way or form involve the transference of knowledge, skills and practises that derive from our māori culture. This leads to my passion and the reason I do this work. And it is exactly that. To ensure that our traditions are kept alive, passed through generations to be practised by the next generations in the centuries to come.

I’m also hugely passionate about sport and like to keep myself involved in touch and basketball.

Other likes include kapa haka, music, singing, working with tamariki, whānau and our very own māori sport ‘Ki o Rahi.’

Mama Patea – Productions Facilitator

I love making a difference to the lives of our up and coming leaders of tomorrow, our children. As a young mother myself I am passionate enough to say, I want the best for my growing 2 year old when he begins school in the next few years. One of the reasons I love my work is that I believe māori culture helps define us as a New Zealand Culture, and one of the highlights for me in this work is seeing the involvement and highly engaged participation of all non-maori in our program. This tells me that we are progressing to living in a near future, a very culturally friendly environment.
My experiences have been hugely influenced by my family, immersed in kaupapa māori all of our lives. I feel empowered now to appreciate the value in our immersion of this aspect throughout our upbringing and am grateful that it is this foundation of learning and skills that have lead me to this line of work today.

Aside from my work, I enjoy playing basketball, food, hanging out with friends, family and singing.