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About Ki Tai

“Journeys beyond the Horizons, in the wake of the Past”

Ki Tai is a team of experienced, enthusiastic and passionate river guides bound by a rich heritage and culture. Rooted in the banks of the Whanganui River and feed by the nutrients of the land both physical and spiritual, it is under the guidance of our ancestors that the aspirations of our people can be pursued upon journeys beyond the horizon. Our team is set among continuing this heritage bound journey recognizing the significance of stories and experiences drawn from our past that engage the international stage to the call of our song, our voice, our stories, igniting the vibrant connection between the Whanganui Region and the World. We deliberately weave together a unique range of skills, practices and experiences to set the platform for our stories to be broadcast to the world and beyond. With confidence and pride we are inspired with the power and energy to engage audiences far and wide to an insight of our world.

Why Us?  Eco-Indigenous Tourism

We are locally owned and operated and set upon a foundation of rich heritage and culture all of our operations and practices are designed to have a minimal footprint on the natural environment surrounding us. With utmost respect for Papatūānuku, our Mother Earth it is our passion for preserving our natural and cultural environment that push us to pursue the work we do.
It is the unique stories of our region woven together with the charismatic personalities of our team that broadcast to the World and beyond the diversity of our environment from the mountain to the sea.

“Mai te Kāhui Maunga ki Tangaroa, Ko au te Awa ko te Awa ko au”

From the Great Mountains to the Sea, I am the River and the River is me


We endeavor to ensure all clients get the most unforgettable experience of a lifetime, driven by a passionate team that draws people from all walks of life in to an insight of our beautiful World.