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About Our Team

About our Team

It is a passionate drive for the revitalisation of our Māori Culture in this ever changing world, that inspires our team to pursue the work we do. Work to re-invigorate a sense of identity within our community, to re-establish a sense of belonging within this great City of ours and to re-unite us with the essence of our region. An essence that makes us unique from the Mountain to the Sea. A drive to re-connect ourselves as school communities, as suburbs, as a City and as a region opening up the opportunity for us to build a higher respect for the unique region we live in and all of its magnificance. We are local, born and breed in to the beautiful Māori culture of ours and though some of us lived away from Whanganui, have returned home with those experiences to direct our collaboration of skills and talents back in to our own communities. Our goal! To instil a sense of empowerment in our communities, across our City and throughout our Region.

Our team being primarily family based, are constantly involved in team experiences that keep us bonded together strongly. Some of our recent team/family excursions include the ‘Tira Hoe Waka’ (2 week annual iwi pilgrimage down the Whanganui River) exploring the Waitomo Caves, busking, Iwi gatherings and for some of us dating as far back to schooling where we picked strawberries together on the old Windermere Farm. The great thing about being closely associated with each other is that our close knit teamwork shines through in our work. As a team we are proud to associate with each other in this line of work we are all so passionate about.