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Marae Experience

Marae Experience

The ‘Te Rerenga ki Tai’ Marae Program offers yet another opportunity to engage students, parents, teachers, whānau and schools in a face to face on the ground context. This is an experience primarily designed to nurture the increased engagement of these key audiences from the primary sector to familiarize with the concept of collaborative learning. We use Pūtiki Marae as our base Marae in recognition of its significance to the Mana Whenua of the Whanganui City Region. Long-term sustainability necessitates close working relationships and mutual support of all education providers, local Māori communities, Marae communities, The Ministry of Education and other local and national agencies and organizations.
The experience proposes to undertake a number of immediate, short term and long term goals associated with establishing authentic school relationships with Marae. Relationships that also engage various individuals and groups within activities that utilize their skills and resources.


Connected school communities and local Māori communities, local Marae and other local and national agencies and organizations that encompass a strong sense of Whānau, Hapū and Iwi in an environment inclusive of students, parents, teachers, local Iwi and the extended community.


1. Ignite a collaboration of working relationships in the Whanganui region connecting school communities with local māori communities, Pūtiki Marae and other local and national agencies and organisations.

2. Nurture the increased student and teacher engagement within environments that are inclusive of students, parents, teachers, local iwi and the extended community

3. Inspire the opportunity for school communities to pursue more specific and in-depth experiences that integrate the value of Whanganui cultural values and its authenticity to become an integral part of general school practises.


The whakatauki “Mai i te Kāhui Maunga ki Tangaroa, ko au te awa ko te awa ko au” sets the platform for the Te Rerenga ki Tai Marae Program using Marae as an authentic learning environment perfect for revealing the many tales of our historic Whanganui River. Through different activities and workshops we tell our great story from the Mountain to the Sea. Each experiential activity is facilitated by a different community organisation or one of the Marae locals. And it is within this collaborative learning environment that all learners whether students, parents or teachers are able to begin piecing together a greater understanding of the rich heritage and culture that make up our region.